Behind The Necklace - Part 13

Part 13

And what would a trip to 1978 New York be without a shot of the immortal Twin Towers?

(Never mind the fact that Cassie woke up naked in a strange hotel bed.)

Comic transcript

[1978; New York City skyline (including the Twin Towers) – and Braniff International flying into Newark] (CW, continuing her story) So now that the time machine was assembled, it was time to go on a trip... in both time and location. (MG, "in" the plane) "So why are we flying to New York in 1978?" (CW) "Hel-looo... Cheaper airfare? Way less security hassles?" (BG) "Well, at least we're perfect on the accuracy... The machine says August 7, 1978, just like the newspaper!" (CW, who still has her OU shirt on, though her hair is more era-appropriate) "Speaking of accuracy – be sure to use the right money for the era! I spent an entire day at a coin show to get us cash for the past!" [Studio 54! MG's already disco dancin', while Bethany has the time machine] (CW, off-screen) I was always fascinated by the disco scene. The hedonistic atmosphere of the king of disco clubs, "Studio 54", was something I had read about and wished that I could have experienced. And thanks to my time machine, that became a reality. We all got caught up in the madness and debauchery... [Cassie wakes up the next day, naked, with a hangover... and next to some random guy – at least, we think it's a guy] ...And ultimately paid for it the next morning. In more ways than one...

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