Behind The Necklace - Part 12

Part 12

And there's the cameo/medallion necklace that eventually holds all that time-travel stuff.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW continues with her story) After we got the whole contraption fine-tuned... (MG, playing with the laser as the clock on the wall says 3:50) "Okay... Is the wall clock showing 7:25?" (CW, peeking through the time window) "Yep, 7:25!" ...It was time to go shopping for some kind of case that would hold it all together. (CW, with Bethany and Matt at the local mall – probably Valley View Mall from strip 103) "We need something that would be sturdy enough to withstand extreme temperatures and severe weather, and at the same time be able to blend in to almost any historical period! [in a store, holding a box] How about an old Roman-empire-looking treasure chest box?" (BG) "Do you really wanna be lugging that around?" (MG, in another store) "Maybe... we could get one of these 'rock speakers' and hollow it out!" [Note: in the original concept for the strip, the time machine was a "hollowed out rock" with a ring that projected the time window/portal] (CW) "Okay, that would just look weird going into a palace or a fancy party!" (BG, off screen) HEY GUYS! (on-screen, in front of a mid-mall "kiosk" named "Southwestern Adornments") You think that timepiece stuff would fit in one of these?" (CW, picking out the pendant that would eventually become the time machine) "Hmmm... Stylish, durable, hollow... Let's give it a shot!" (MG) "And I could probably rig it so the beam shoots out one of the smaller holes!" (Puzzled Saleslady) "Beam?"

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