Behind The Necklace - Part 11

Part 11

I'm guessing the gases and dust that would eventually form the Earth would be grayish in nature and be swirling around at high speed.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW continues with her story – April, 2005) Matt won $475,000 that day... About $300,000 after taxes. He decided to split the winnings with me, which meant I had to tell Bethany about my secret. (BG) "SERIOUSLY???" (CW) "I swear it's TRUE! I stumbled onto this a few weeks ago! Come with me to the lab!" (MG, meeting the two outside TerCon) "Hey, Cassie! Here's your check!" (CW) "Awesome, thanks! Oh yeah... Matt, this is Bethany, she's my roommate and best friend." (MG) "Hi, Bethany!" (BG) "Hi, Matt!" (MG, as they enter TerCon's lobby) "I also bought micro-versions of those lasers you used on that time-rock, as well as the smallest cell phone available." (CW) "Cool... Let's get those hooked up to the rock!" (MG, fiddling around with the phone) "First thing we need to do is calibrate the laser settings. Go ahead and set the first laser to maximum intensity." (CW, turning a knob on the laser apparatus) "Okay..." [FOOSH, a blast of gray dust comes shooting through the time portal window] (BG) "AAAGH!" (MG) "shit!" (CW) "-COUGH- -COUGH-" (MG, who, along with the others, is coated from head to toe in dust – with hair blown back) "Well, now we know that this thing can go all the way back to the formation of the earth!" (CW) "That's nice... Now can y'all help me clean this shit UP?"

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