Behind The Necklace - Part 8

Part 8

I was originally gonna have Cassie & Bethany in a run-down apartment, but I figured that a nanotech engineer fresh out of college was making a good enough chunk of change for a nicer residence.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW continues her story of the Time Machine) After the initial shock wore off, I wasn't sure that I wanted to share this with anyone else. [contemplating the clipboard and the "rock"] I knew I had a humongous new power on my hands... and with that was a huge responsibility. So I decided to officially report that this strange new element 150 was unstable and had vaporized. [Cover sheet: "A Report On The Synthesis of Sesquicentium – Atomic Number 150 – by Cassie Wells – TerCon Technologies"] I gave it the name "Sesquicentium"... since I remembered from school the Texas "Sesquicentennial", aka their 150th anniversary of statehood. [CW in her car] Then I stashed it away, left the lab, and tried not to think any more of it. I didn't want to get involved in such a dangerous phenomenon at first. But then I got to thinking about the dire financial situation that my best friend and I were in. Although I was earning a decent salary, good enough for a nice apartment in a trendy neighborhood... between rising gas prices [Note: Gas had jumped over $2 a gallon in the spring of 2005, about when Cassie made the discovery. Try not to laugh], unpaid bills and Bethany out of work, we were one crisis away from a financial disaster. And when I got home... Sure enough, a crisis awaited. (BG, 2005) "Cassie, bad news. My car broke down and it needs a new $3,000 transmission." Suddenly, maybe having our own personal time machine wasn't such a scary prospect after all.

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