Two Idiots Abroad

Two Idiots Abroad

If you get the Discovery Science channel (or Sky 1 if you're in the U.K.), check out "An Idiot Abroad". It features Karl Pilkington as a reluctant globetrotter, meeting interesting people and taking in the exotic scenery, smelly warts and all. My wife and I love this show, so of course I'd come up with a strip idea involving Karl.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Karl Pilkington, of the show "An Idiot Abroad", is in an ancient Mayan village in Mexico) "Those bastards just had to send me here during the hottest time of the year! (The runes of the ancient Maya are lost on Karl) This heat is bloody appalling. It's a miracle I got any sleep at all. Whoa... Those buggers look completely gruesome. (Wait – this carving looks familiar...) This bloke looks like he's playing a video game!" (CW) "You just HAD to mess with your iPhone while we were in the ancient Mayan Village?!" (MG) "Well excuse me. I didn't think anyone was looking!!!"

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