A Is For Accident

A Is For Accident

If you're over the age of 35, you'll probably remember the counting clips on Sesame Street that ended with a baker singing and dropping whatever he was carrying. (Here's one example.)

And that does it for this year. See you in '12!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969; The outside of a Carvel Ice Cream shop in the New York City area; Lloyd Morrisett, co-creator of a certain children's television show, is across the street, talking to a bearded gentleman who has a remarkable resemblance to one Jim Henson] (Lloyd Morrisett) "Okay, so we got Grace Slick doing one of the counting series... What about a gimmick for another one?" (Jim Henson) "I... don't have any ideas..." (MG, in the background, bringing out some sundaes for Cassie, who is seated at a table outside the Shoppe) "Here we are... two hot fudge sundaes! (trips on... a banana peel!) YIIIEEE!!!" [THUD] (LM, looking over at Matt) "Hmmm... A clumsy chef tripping and spilling his desserts all over the place... Would that work?" (JH) "Maybe if he sang his lines..." (MG, with the banana peel and hot fudge sundae all over him, as Cassie facepalms) "Aw crap... My new Nehru jacket!!!"

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