Cassie's Bucket List #18

Cassie's Bucket List #18

I wished I had thought of this sooner. Then again, last year's Christmas strip was a Bucket Lister as well, so I didn't want to do the same thing twice.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - CASSIE'S BUCKET LIST "#18) Meet the real St. Nicholas." [335; Lycia, Turkey] (Nikolaos of Myra) "So... Because of my good will and generosity towards the poor... You're saying I may be immortalized as a jovial elder man, dressed all in bright red, delivering gifts to children around the world?" (CW, in Grecian attire) "Yes indeed! And you get all this done in one night with the help of a flying chariot and eight reindeer. Crazy, huh?"

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