Storage War Is Hell - Part 10

Part 10

Epilogue. Yeah, my feelings on this new Texas spinoff are about the same as Cassie's.

Anyway, this concludes the storyline... don't forget to pay the lady!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PW, entering as Cassie is watching TV on the couch) "Wait... Is this 'Storage Wars'?" (CW, listening to "Money owwwns this town.." coming over the TV) "This is their new Texas edition, with a whole new set of people going to storage places around the Metroplex!" (PW) "It's definitely... Different!" (CW) "Yeah, I see a bunch of room for improvement... But I'll give it a few more episodes!" (PW) "We oughta drop by there and join in on some of the action!" (CW) "Yeah that... (interrupted by her phone ringing... "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + The Machine) It's Matt... (answering) What's up?" (MG, frantic) "CASSIE! Thank GOD! I just saw my stuff being sold on that Storage War show! I completely forgot about that locker, you gotta help me!" (CW, coyly) "What, and mess up a perfectly good episode?"

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