Cassie's Bucket List #17

Cassie's Bucket List #17

The phrase "American as apple pie" has been disputed a little, relating to whether or not the apple pie was truly of American origin. (England had similar "apple tarts" for years at that point, and the Dutch were making their own apple pies as early as the 1610's.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - CASSIE'S BUCKET LIST "#17 – Become the first to serve apple pie in America" [1612; Cassie is sharing her apple pie with the Pilgrims] (Pilgrim) "`Tis quite a delectable concoction you have given us, Miss Cassandra!" (CW) "Thank you, Sir! The filling came from an old Dutch recipe... But it's the first time I used it with pastry bread and a round pan!"

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