This Halloween Party Seems Legit

This Halloween Party Seems Legit

The rundown: Cassie as Nyan-Cat, Philip as Scumbag Steve, Rodney as FFFFFFUUUUU guy, Maggie as Me Gusta, Bethany as Joseph Ducreux, Joan as Philosoraptor, Matt as Fry from Futurama, and a couple other familiar faces in the background.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Halloween Party! Everyone's back to normal – well, as much as you CAN be, that is...] (CW, dressed up as Nyancat) "I gotta say I'm loving this 'Meme theme' for Maggie's Halloween party! " (PW, as Scumbag Steve) "Yeah, and with this getup I get to treat everyone like CRAP!" (CW) "Well, you don't HAVE to, 'Scumbag Philip'..." [In the background, Carmen is My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic; Joan as Philosoraptor] (BG, as Joseph Ducreux) "Spectacular visage concealment, Mags!" (MHO, as Me Gusta) "Tonight, call me 'Mag-gusta'." (CW) "Hi, Rodney... Still upset over Texas-OU weekend, huh?" (RO, as FFFFFFUUUUU guy) "Har dee har har, bitch." [OU defeated UT 55-17 in 2011, by the way; ] (CW) "Matt! You look great! Did Allen come with you?" (MG, as Fry from Futurama) "Nope... He said he had a date and was taking her to another party." (PW) "No specifics, eh?" (MG) "Not sure if he really has a date... or just trying to avoid y'all."

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