Burning Desire - Part 4

Part 4

It usually takes about six hours to drive from Dallas to Lubbock (or the outskirts of Lubbock anyway). From there it's just a matter of jumping back to just before the incident.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2011; just minutes before the explosion] (PW, outside his truck, into a walkie-talkie as the smoke is building behind him) "Webber to Base Five, we got a CODE RED. I can't pinpoint the leak yet, but the fires are spreading and everyone MUST evacuate..." (CW, off-screen) "PHILIP!!!" (PW, incredibly surprise to see her running towards him) "CASSIE?! What the hell are you doing here? This is a VERY DANGEROUS AREA right now!!! (CW, running up to him) "I know, Philip, but believe me, the leak is nearby and we are in grave danger! I can get us out of here, but you'll have to trust me! We don't have that much time!" (PW) "I CAN'T just leave. I still have to warn everybody NEAR THIS AREA!" (CW) "NO NEED! I got that TAKEN CARE OF!" (PW) "Huh???" (ND, driving around in CW's Miata – and using her built-in "loudspeaker") "WARNING! THERE IS A RUPTURED GAS LINE IN THE AREA! EVERYONE MUST EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!!!"

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