Burning Desire - Part 3

Part 3

You weren't expecting Agent Scott to let Cassie completely off the hook, were you?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (KS, entering Cassie's room) "Cassie..." (CW, mad as hell) "You've got SOME NERVE, Agent Scott. I'm in NO MOOD for you." (KS) "Look... Just hear me out. I know you've got the power to change this outcome. I’m NOT gonna stop you. (shows her the article on Philip from the "Universal Press" on his iPhone) Webber honored as a hero who paid the ultimate price By Erin Wilson, United Press LUBBOCK, Texas – Gary Terrell would have been dead if it wasn't for the brave actions of Philip Webber, the Southern Gas worker who warned the residents near a leaking natural gas pipeline to evacuate their neighborhoods. Webber died in the ensuing blast that incinerated three squad... (KS, continuing) "On the other hand, he may very well be the one. You can rescue him... But you may have to deal with the consequences." (CW, considering) "All those people..." (KS) "Like I said, I won't get in the way. The decision... [pause] ...is Yours." [Cassie looks down for a moment, then cut scene: the taillights of a certain blue Mazda Miata, as we see a sign that says "Lubbock 216, Amarillo 231". Guess what she chose to do...]

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