Domo Arigato, Miss Anachrono - Part 6

Part 6

There are, in fact, a few instances where Cassie can mention stuff about time machines without fear of continuum-rupture. This is one of them.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (JA, outside the convention area with Cassie) "They're not gonna let me back in, are they..." (CW, who is MAD as hell) "And I wouldn't blame them! What the fuck was that?!" (JA) "I'm NOT gonna let that Philip bitch get between us!" (CW) "He just wanted to TALK to me. You didn't have to be such a fucking HOTHEAD about it!" (JA) "Hey, you said you wanted to get more serious with me! So I feel I'm obligated to keep others from hitting on you!" (CW) "Well, NEWS FLASH, dumbfuck. I can handle myself with other guys, I don't need YOU butting in!" (AJ) "Well, you don't need to be talking with ex- fuckbuddies! What's it gonna be, we serious or not?" (CW) "You know what? I DON'T need a time machine to know where this is headed... (turns and walks away) Go home, Allen. We're through. I'll find my own way back."

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