Domo Arigato, Miss Anachrono - Part 4

Part 4

In the interest of full disclosure, AnimeFest doesn't REALLY condone physical violence at its events.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (AJ, MASSIVELY p-o'ed at seeing Philip) "YOU AGAIN?!" (CW) "ALLEN!" (PW) "Hey, BACK OFF, Jerkwad. I have every right to talk to Cassie!" (AJ) "No you DON'T, asshole, you had your chance with her already!" (PW) "Yeah, well, I'll wait until I hear it from her myself!" (AJ, pulling back) "You'll hear it from my FIST first!" (CW, screaming) "NO!!!" [WHAM! Right cross] (PW) "THAT... FUCKING... DOES IT!" (CW, panicky) "Philip, WAIT!" [NNNGGGGGG AAAAAHHH – Full fight in process!] (Security chief, as Cassie facepalms in the background) "HEY! NO FIGHTING unless you're IN CHARACTER!"

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