Greetings From Paratopia - Part 8

Part 8

I can see this happening for real (the photo/RFID stuff, not Paratopia) in a decade or two.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Upward-bound train] (CW) "Man... That was over so quickly." (AJ) "Yeah, but it was loads of fun! The skating, the gambling, the hiking, the nightclubs... (seated with Cassie, Carmen and Keith) I just wish I could've gotten some pictures of our vacation there. I know it's supposed to be a secret area... But still, it'd be nice to have a physical reminder instead of having to depend solely upon my memory!" (KS) "Well, Allen... You've been photographed all along!" (AJ) "WHAAAT?" (KS) "I'll show you once we're at the station... [The Station lobby; a wall that says SOUVENIR PHOTOS] Paratopia has micro-cameras everywhere except the hotel rooms and the nude beach... And those badges that we gave you have little RFID chips in them. All the cameras scan the badges and sort the images out automatically, and the ones you're in are collected and are made available to you in a digital storage unit of your choice." (CW, as the three pull up to the counter) "It's like those stands at the roller coaster exits selling ride photos!" (AJ) "Wow... That's crazy! ...And a little creepy." (KS) "Well, I guess they don't want you to miss Paratopia too much..." (AJ, looking at a photo of himself... at the Grand Canyon!) "Hey... They put in a blue sky and... Wait, that's not the Grand Canyon!" (KS) "There's a reason they modeled all the areas after famous places!"

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