Greetings From Paratopia - Part 7

Part 7

Remember the film "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"? I seem to be going in that direction with Keith and Carmen.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (KS, confronting Cassie on the resort's balcony) "Putting me to the test, huh? You should know better than THAT." (CW) "I'm not mad at you... I'm just frustrated at all these trust issues." (KS, as they look out over the scenery at "night") "I know what you're going through... Not precisely, since I've never had to deal with time travel in relationships... but I know that finding love is real tough in this situation." (CW) "You said that it might be possible to gain trust in people, that this space-time rupture may not happen at some point." (KS) "And I also said it's highly unlikely. It's basically a matter of something happening to Allen that would get him resolving to keep your secret... and then keeping that resolve solid." (CW, as CS enters the scene) "Something which I would have to be involve in, no doubt..." (CS) "Just don't worry about it, Cassie. You know, it is possible to spend an entire life with someone while having to keep Earth-shattering secrets from them." (KS) "That's something to take comfort in." (CW) "I guess you're right." (CS) "Now go find Allen and have some FUN already! This is no place for downers! " [KS "lowers" his lifters, pensive Cassie walks off – and the Scotts watch] (KS) "Um... what you said... That was entirely hypothetical... Right?" (CS) "I'm tempted to keep you guessing just for my amusement..."

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