Greetings From Paratopia - Part 6

Part 6

Nothing like a fake volleyball game at a clothing-optional underground beach to further along the plot.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (AJ, with a topless sunbathing Cassie) "It's almost perfect summer weather... Not too hot and not much humidity!" (CW, preparing to put some lotion on) "Yes... PLEASE remember to look at other things, okay?" (AJ) "So... Any cool stuff happen today?" (CW) "Agent Scott told me the nicest thing today... But it's something I can't really reveal to you." (AJ) "Another one of those confidential things, eh?" (CW) "Well, I don't know, really... I might be able to tell you now... (to herself) Let's see Agent Scott try to get to me now... I don't think his wife would appreciate him spying on me like this! (to Allen) So anyway... I got this time— OOF!" (Carmen lands RIGHT on Cassie, clutching a volleyball) "Sorry 'bout that... We got a real intense game going!" (AJ) "Uh... No problem!" (CS, whispering to Cassie) "Nice try, Cassie, but I can take Scott's place in some situations... and he says Allen's not ready for the secret yet." (AJ) "You were saying?" (CW) "- Sigh- Not at this time, actually."

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