Greetings From Paratopia - Part 4

Part 4

It's UV lighting, so keep the sunscreen handy still, Cassie!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW is looking at a map of Paratopia, while lying on the hotel bed) "This place is unbelievable! Hiking trails, bike courses, four different beaches, ten golf courses, an amusement park, two water parks..." (AJ) "Lots of different nightclubs and even a few casinos! Too bad we can't even take any pictures of our little getaway!" (CW) "Well, they've got a good reason to make us leave our cameras, laptops and cell phones at the station lockers!" (AJ) "I guess... So what do you want to do first?" (CW) "First I'm gonna rest for a bit... Then maybe go lay out at the beach." (AJ) "I haven't ridden a skateboard in ages, but this 'Grand Shreddin' Canyon' makes me want to get back on that old board!" (CW) "Well, don't leave just yet. I may want to ride your 'board' in a little bit." (AJ, laying back on the bed as Cassie puts her head to his chest) "Man, it's gonna be weird to be at a vacation spot with no wind, no rain, not even real days or nights!" (CW) "Yeah, I'm trying to forget that I'll be 'sunning' under a shitload of light bulbs!"

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