Greetings From Paratopia - Part 2

Part 2

We can be happy undergrouuuuund...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, talking with Agent Scott about vacation plans) "So what's your ideal vacation spot?" (KS) "One that you've never heard of... And neither has most of the world. It's a little man-made resort land called Paratopia... A joint effort between secret-service agencies from seven different countries. [showing them a brochure of Paratopia] It's not on any map. In fact, it's not even on the Earth's surface. We've built a fully underground paradise-utopia – hence the name – roughly the size of Delaware. It's a secret little enclave for those of us who have to keep a lot of secrets... Secret agents, CIA and FBI employees, civilians in the witness protection program, and others who aren't as free to travel the globe as the rest of us. And since Cassie is an auxiliary partner with my division of the FBI, she now has access to Paratopia with a guest of her choosing! Provided, of course, that said guest can also keep Paratopia secret." (AJ) "Um... Sure!" (KS, hands Allen the badges) "Good! Take these badges. When you're ready, go to the location on the back." (AJ) "Wow. I didn't know you actually partnered with the FBI. What do you do for them?" (CW, thinking) "Time... Uh, time management. And some nanotech stuff."

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