Greetings From Paratopia - Part 1

Part 1

New storyline starting. And it is indeed a scorcher of a summer here in Dallas, with lots of triple-digit-temperature days.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, in her backyard with Allen) "Phew... This heat wave is FUCKIN' RIDICULOUS!" (AJ) "I hear ya... I sure would love to be somewhere else right now!" (CW) "Yeah, I wouldn't mind the heat if the scenery was nicer! [standing up next to Allen] Some exotic beach like Cancun, or Ibiza, or Rio would be fantastic..." (AJ) "Trouble is, I sure as hell don't have money for exotic getaways like that!" (CW) "I'll be happy to pay for the two of us if you can get off work for a week!" (AJ) "Cassie, you know I don't want anyone to be subsidizing my life!" (CW) "Three words: Me sunbathing topless." (AJ) "Fine, you convinced me. So back to where we should go..." (KS, from the grill) "Might I make a suggestion?" (AJ) "Uh... Why is your grill talking?" (CW) "Silly boy, don't you know Agent Scott when you NOT see him?"

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