Minus-Two-Day Service

Minus-Two-Day Service

I came up with this one after hearing that Netflix was planning a rate increase.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, talking to Bethany at Starbucks) "Did you hear 'Netflix' is raising their rates again?" (BG) "Yeah... That really sucks." (CW) "At least it's not much. I can work a few extra bucks a month into our budget." (Coffee Guy, who doesn't appear to be anyone in particular, though he kinda looks like Rodney) "Meh. I don't care about those guys. I'd rather go to a video store or vending machine." (CW) "Maybe so, but if I know what I want, and the stores are out of it or don't even have it, I don't mind waiting a day or two for it to be mailed to me!" (CG) "Eh... Whatever." (CW) "Well, it seems instantaneous to me!" (BG) "That's because you can go back a couple of days to order a film, and it 'instantly' shows up in our mailbox."

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