Orange You Glad It Was Just A Dream?

Orange You Glad It Was Just A Dream?

Actually, I can just barely tolerate Annoying Orange... but my 7-year-old son loves those videos. So I did this one for him and other Orange aficionados.

EDIT 4-9-17: Now my 7-year-old daughter likes them. Lord help me. O_O

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1695] (Annoying Orange, Salem witch edition) "Who goes there? Are you two WITCHES???" (BG) "Uh... Why are we being accosted by an orange?" (CW) "No, we're not!" (AO) "Spell 'MAYFLOWER'." (CW) "M-A-Y-F-L-O-WE- R." (AO) "See? You're casting SPELLS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" (BG) "I so wish I had a juicer right now..." (AO) "Who said that? Which is the witch with the wish? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" (CW) "We're not gonna tell you!" (AO) "Okay, then you'll BOTH BURN AT THE STAKE! (pitchforks stick up from ground level as Cass and Beth are led off) It's too bad, you two are kinda cute! Guess it'll be a Barbe-CUTIE, then! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" (CW) "WHAT?! NO!!!" (CW wakes up) "NO!!..." (to herself) Ugh... I gotta stop watching those "Annoying Orange" videos just before I go to bed...

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