Faire Enough - Part 8

Part 8

Looks like her 1991 tryst is coming back to haunt her...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MHO, consoling a sad Cassie) "I'm sorry about Philip, sweetie... He's a really good guy, maybe some time apart will improve things." (JA, still ticked – but at least her sword is sheathed) "Hmph. I don't miss him." (MHO) "Joan, I know that you're offended... But people are more candid and crude in their talk these days. That's something you'll have to accept." (CW) "Yeah, Philip's definitely not as brash as how he came across today. And it's not what he said... Actually I don't think he's ready for... the truth yet. (looking at Maggie) Everything's just... really complicated right now." (MHO, looking off at Rodney, who has an ale in his hand) "I wonder if we should let Rodney in on our truth and our history. He seems real trustworthy." [Flashback to 217 – "About Last Night –Twenty Years Ago!"] (CW) "Uhhhh... That's kinda complicated as well."

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