Faire Enough - Part 5

Part 5

Poor Philip... he doesn't realize Joan's still quite the old-fashioned lady... trouble is, Cassie can't tell him just HOW old-fashioned she really is.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PW) "Look, can we put this shit aside for now? We're in a place of merriment. Let's join your friends and have fun!" (CW) "Um... Okay, sounds good. (outside the pub) So... Everyone, this is Philip. That's Maggie, Rodney and Joan." (MHO) "Hey!" (RO) "`Sup!" (PW, recognizing) "Joan... As in Joan of Arc?" (JA, surprised) "How did you kn-" (CW, covering quickly) "Er... YES! In fact, that's her... Patron Saint!" (PW) "Cool! I always admired Joan of Arc... She was a kickass kinda gal! It sucks that she died so young, though." (JA) "Um... Yes, a pity." (PW) "Yeah... If I was living back then, I definitely would've HIT THAT!" [Cassie just got that "blank look" again...] (JA, uncertain as to the "lingo") "Hit... that...?" (CW, giving Philip a sidelong glance that he doesn't notice) "Uh, Philip?..." (PW) "Yeah... Warrior chicks would probably be wild in bed! I would tap tha-" (JA, raising her just-purchased sword RIGHT into Philip's face!) "HOW DARE YOU SPEAK OF ME THAT WAY, YOU BEAST!" (PW) "- AAAAHH!" (CW, stepping between them) "WHOA! Easy there, JOAN ARQUETTE!"

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