Faire Enough - Part 4

Part 4

Okay, so it was mostly the European nobility (not to mention many Middle Eastern populations) that did arranged marriages...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, off in the woods) "Is this... for Scarborough? Or is this seriously your new look?" (PW) "It's for real. I thought it was time to change the old facial getup. (stroking his chin) You don't like it?" (CW) "It's... fine, but... You didn't do this for me, did you? I don't want people changing for my sake!" (PW) "Honest! This was just me wanting a new look for myself! [pause] And... I figured it might be something you'd like..." (CW) "I KNEW IT!" (PW) "That's not the main reason I did it!!!" (CW) "But you admitted I had something to do with it!" (JA, looking on from a distance with Maggie) "-Sigh- Love seemed so much simpler back in our time." (MHO) "Sweetie... Most of us had our spouses chosen for us back in our time."

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