Faire Enough - Part 3

Part 3

I had always planned on tweaking Philip's look. The hair will be a bit more fluffed out, but it's still matted down from being under the hood.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, noting that Philip's costume has him partially barechested) "Philip! That's quite a killer look you got!" (PW) "What can I say, I lead a swingin' lifestyle!" (CW, reaching up and taking off his hood) "Okay, enough of the lame jokes... I haven't seen your face in forever!" (PW, hands up in protest) "Whoa there, hon. This may turn out to be a... (Philip has a "fu-manchu" mustache – AND a "soul patch") ...Shocking Revelation." (CW, surprised at the change) "I... don't know what to say..." (PW, trying the innocent smile routine) "As long as it's not 'off with his head', that's fine."

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