Faire Enough - Part 1

Part 1

For those of you non-DFW dwellers, Scarborough is our local Renaissance festival that goes on during April and May. It used to be known as "Scarborough Faire", but I'm pretty sure it was Paul Simon's lawyers that put a stop to that.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Cassie, in her RenFaire attire, greeting Maggie at the front door] (MHO) "Hey, Cassie! You ready?" (CW) "Sure am, Mags! Scarborough's gonna be super FUN this year!" [And the reason why is waiting outside with Rodney... JOAN!] (RO, in a dashing cavalier hat) "We're supposed to meet Philip over there, right?" (CW) "Yep... He said he'd be there around noon." (JA) "How exciting... I feel like I'm going home again!" (MHO) "I felt the same way the first year I did the 'Ren-Fest' too! You'll love it... All the comforts of our old homes, with plenty of modern-day conveniences! Just remember to always use what they call the 'privvies' for all matters of excretement... You can't just pee anywhere like back in our days!" (JA) "I kinda figured that..." (MHO) "Well, I found out the hard way... And almost got banned for life."

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