The World's Smallest Prank

The World's Smallest Prank

Now that I think about it, I should've switched this comic with the last one, since this is comic #420. (Which is the reason for the T-shirt design in the last panel.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [NanoCon 2011, and this time there's a problem] (Wanda, to Gordo and Cassie) "That lady from Minutia is leeching off our traffic again." (CW) "She's got some nerve! (goes over to the blonde bimbette) Hey, missy... take your Minutia crap somewhere else!" (Blonde, wearing a very low-cut "Minutia" camisole) "This isn't part of your territory, bitch... I have every right to be here!" (CW) "Ugh... Is there anything we can do about that cunt???" (Gordo) "I think I can help... Give me just a few minutes on the scanning microscope..." [Gordo is playing around with the 'scope behind Cassie, as the readout display now says "SKANK →" – and is pointed right at the bimbo!] [BONUS: it's 420, so the back of the t-shirt on the guy in the last panel has... well, you know.]

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