Sense And Sensimilla

Sense And Sensimilla

I've a feeling I won't get many fans from the Austen Army for portraying the literary legend in this light.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1796] (MG, on a wintry day in the English countryside) "Are you comfortable now, m'lady?" (English Lady, wearing MG's overcoat) "I'm still a tad chilly..." (MG, handing her... a BONG?) "Well, breathe on this for a few minutes, that'll warm you up!" (EL, taking a "hit") "- Cough- Oh my, what is IN this?" (MG) "Only the finest cannabis from the states! Fortunately it's not outlawed... yet." (EL, dropping the bong) "Good heavens! I do hope nobody sees me like this!" (MG) "Well, let me introduce you to my lady friend, at least... She excels in keeping secrets!" (CW, seeing Matt and the lady, already suspecting something and already angry) "GOOD LORD, Matt... What have you done NOW???" (MG) "Check it out, Cass... STONED COLD JANE AUSTEN!" (Jane Austen, who is oblivious to the joke) "WOOP!"

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