Working Things Out - Part 5

Part 5

Those "personality quizzes" (where they give an opinion such as "When I'm stressed out I don't show it" and your choices range from "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree") are one of the main reasons I dread having to look for a new job if God forbid at some point I have to.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG, off-screen, on the phone with Cassie) "So what's the lowdown?" (CW) "First of all... Is Allen out of earshot?" (MG) "Yeah, he's in the other room playing 'Halo'." (CW) "Okay... So, in a few months you'll be on board with the 'Circuitland' chain in their repairs department. (off-screen, now with Matt on the phone) Nicki managed to obtain the exact date you applied for the job, which will be May 17th. So I guess just sit tight until then. No use screwing up a future career path." (MG) "Cool... That'll save me a lot of running around, filling out forms and clicking through those stupid online 'personality quizzes'." (CW) "And in the meantime I'll be your personal 'unemployment insurance', sneaking funds into your account." (MG) "Thanks a lot, Cassie... I wish I could do something in return!" (CW) "No need. All I ask is to just keep it on the down low. According to Agent Scott, Allen can't be trusted with the time travel secret just yet." (MG) "That sucks..." (AJ, coming in from the other room) "What sucks?" (MG) "Uhhh... That none of the 'Best Buy's' are hiring."

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