Working Things Out - Part 4

Part 4

I try not to let my comic get too political... but stuff like that does creep in every now and then.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (KS, emerging from the birdbath) "This -Oof- is me from next Saturday... You told Allen about the time traveling stuff... And pretty much what happened with Chad happens there too." (CW) "Really? Crap..." (KS) "Yeah, I'm really sorry, Cassie... Allen's a great guy... Strong-willed yet very considerate... (out of the birdbath, wearing an FBI t-shirt) ...But at some point, he'd probably screw up with the time machine, and his ability to keep time traveling a secret would be compromised." (BG) "Wouldn't it be possible to change his mind, to convince him that keeping it secret is crucially important to maintaining a stable universe?" (KS) "I'd say it is. It's highly unlikely, but nothing's really set in stone." (CW) "That's good to know... What about Matt? Does the FBI need any travel agents or electronics experts?" (KS) "Not at the moment... The government's financially constricted as it is, and the future doesn't look to hot, either." (CW) "Oh yeah... I forgot about the future of the economy. [pause] INTENTIONALLY, I might add."

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