Working Things Out - Part 2

Part 2

No, Allen's not in on "the secret" yet.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [TGI Friday's, somewhere in North Texas] (MG, explaining what happened at Chandarlis) "Truth is, I knew we'd shut down sooner or later... Businesses like ours can hold our own against the Travelocities and Hotwires of the world for only so long... So if anything I'm just a victim of shit+Y timing." (CW) "I'm so sorry, Matt. I'd try and get you on at TerCon, but we had to let go a couple of our own people recently." (BG) "This recession's been rough on everybody!" (AJ) "I still have enough to cover the rent for the next four months, at least..." (MG) "Hopefully you won't have to... I'll work something out..." (BG) "Things'll get better soon. Right, Cassie?" [Cassie has a very, VERY blank stare on her face as the other three look at her] (MG, through clenched teeth) "Yeesh. I don't like that look." (AJ) "Well, hey, no one can really predict the future... Right? [Matt and Bethany join in on the blank stare] Okay, does everyone have to get that look on their face now???"

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