Working Things Out - Part 1

Part 1

New storyline time. And what better way to kick it off than with a startling turn of events...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (AJ, on the phone) "Hey Cass!" (CW) "Allen! What's going on, sweetie?" (AJ) "I got a JOB!" (CW) "Great! Where at?" (AJ) "The local Half Price Books! It's not much... 30 hours a week for eight bucks an hour... But it's a START!" (CW, with Mascus laying on her on the couch) "Cool! Congratulations!" (AJ) "Thanks! I wanna celebrate... Let's go out to dinner tonight!" (CW) "Dinner? Out? You sure you wanna do that now?" (AJ) "I set aside a hundred of that five thousand especially for this purpose... You wanna bring Nicki and Bethany too? (door SLAM in background) I'll ask Matt! (turning to Matt, who's just come in) "Hey Matt! You wanna go out to dinner with me and Cassie? I'm celebrating!" (MG, angry look as he's carrying a cardboard box) "Celebrating WHAT? Me getting LAID OFF???"

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