Which Theme Will They Take?

Which Theme Will They Take?

I knew I'd better weigh in on the whole "Friday" thing soon, considering the average shelf life these things have. And while that song is mediocre at best, I do think this Rebecca girl's got potential.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1980; ABC Networks offices] (ABC Executive) "Okay, let's hear the next demo for the opening theme... This is from... Bethany." [the easel in the background lists some of their "new shows" for the Fall Season: "That's Incredible!", "Ted Knight Sitcom" (Too Close For Comfort), "Bosom Buddies", "Drugs R Us – new Late Night Comedy Show" ("Fridays", which starred Michael Richards – yes, THAT Michael Richards)] [BG presses play on her tape player... to the sound of Rebecca Black singing "Friday"!] (BG, outside the offices of ABC in New York City) "Turns out nobody liked it!" (CW) "I told you they wanted something more hip-sounding for their 'Fridays' show!"

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