Thine Superzapper Rechargeth

Thine Superzapper Rechargeth

All those over 35, raise your hand if you knew the Tempest video game before you ever heard of Tempest the Shakespearean play.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1611] (William Shakespeare, getting some "writing advice" from a certain male time-traveler) "Hmmm... Verily that is a wonderful suggestion for the soliloquy!" (MG) "And you need not credit me, sir... 'Tis my little verbal gift to you!" (Actor, on the stage of the Globe Theater, reciting the lines as Prospero) "Alas! I feel as if I am plummeting down an endless series of holes, fighting off crimson beasts and emerald spikes!" (CW, in the crowd with Matt) "Oh good LORD... YOU put that line in, didn't you..." (MG) "Well, I thought it was quite appropriate for 'The Tempest'!"

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