The Clay To San Jose - Part 6

Part 6

Oh, Jennifer Ringley, why did you have to go off the grid? I still wish she'd just do an occasional Twitch session or something like that.

Anyway, this is the conclusion of the storyline. And speaking of green days... happy St. Pat's Day!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "And there's Matt!" (CW) "What have you been up to?" (MG, wearing a PRIMUS SUCKS t-shirt) "Oh, I've been spending a total of two weeks doing stuff... From a 'love-in' at Haight-Ashbury, to seeing Joe Montana play with the 49ers, to driving to Sacramento just to show up on the 'Jennicam'!" (BG) "What about those two bands you wanted to catch in their early years?" (MG) "Oh yeah, Metallica kicked ass... It was awesome to see Cliff Burton play again!" (CW) "And what about Green Day? Did you go back to when they were unknown?" (MG) "I sure did... That was a great show too! And those guys had NO idea what they were in for..." [1991] (MG, talking to Billie Joe Armstrong, Trè Cool and Mike Dirnt of Green Day) "I'm tellin' ya, dudes... One of these days you'll all be putting on a huge Broadway musical!" (BJA) "Heh... Yeah, that's what a lot of our gay friends tell us!" (TC) "What are YOU smokin'?"

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