The Clay To San Jose - Part 5

Part 5

Of course, we didn't hear Bethany make any objections...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, introducing themselves to Ned and Buffy) "I'm Cassie, and this is Bethany." (BG) "Do the names 'Sandstone' and 'Honeydew' ring a bell?" (Buffy) "Vaguely..." (Ned) "Well, just look at them, Butterfly! They're the spitting image of their mothers! (reaching to lift something out of a box) And it's time we gave 'em this pot!" (CW) "POT?! Hold on, I'm NOT a smoker!" (Ned, chuckling) "Heh heh, I knew that would throw ya! Here... (unveiling the pot, which says "WOODSTOCK 1969" on it, with a peace sign, and a "drawing" of their orange van – and Cassie, Matt & Bethany as stick figures holding hands at the base) Back in '76 when we first started our shop, we made a special planter commemorating our Woodstock trip. And we swore that if our van-ridin' buddies or their kids ever showed up in our store, this thing would be our gift to them." (Buffy) "So here ya go! It's on the house." (CW, crying a bit) "-Sniff- That's so... touching." (BG) "My... mother would SO love this!"

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