Philled In - Part 7

Part 7

The Frances Exhibition is something that Frances Bean Cobain comes up with, be it musical or visual-arts or whatever. Sheila Sprinkle will be an influential neo-feminist figure, claiming to be the daughter of nineties underground icon Annie Sprinkle and continuing her legacy. As for the incubators, go to the "Great Expectations" storyline to refresh your memory.

And hey... who knows if some famous cartoonist and convention organizer might one day have political aspirations? :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "Wow… What a morning. If I'd have known that inviting Matt and Allen over would have set off all those fireworks, I'd have told them to meet me there!" (CW) "Don't worry about it, Beth. I could've sworn I told Allen that I didn't want anything serious at the moment." (BG) "It's a shame, though, right? All these years of equality, empowerment, Lilith Fairs and Vagina Monologues… And we're still looked down upon if we sleep around like men do." (CW) "Well, at least we've seen the future. Once the public hears of stuff like the Frances Exhibition, Sheila Sprinkle and the incubator phenomenon, that will level the playing field in a few decades." (BG) "Don't forget about President Gran!" (CW) "Oh yeah… Wait 'til they get a load of HER!"

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