Philled In - Part 6

Part 6

Oh, Matt... don't you know that PeeJee isn't that much into lame pickup lines?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG, at the coffee shop with Allen) "You know, Allen… I just don't get you sometimes. In high school you were this laid back, easygoing slacker type, all sensitive and open-minded… And now here you are getting all Alpha-male on everybody!" (AJ) "-Sigh- I don't know what happened… I guess all the crap in my life got to me and hardened me up." (BG) "I just don't like to see my best friend get attacked like that. And I don't think she appreciated that 'slut' comment." (AJ) "Yeah… I'm sorry I said that. I really hope I didn't ruin my chances with her." (BG) "Well, she did say she still wants to hook up with you. Still, it would probably be best to wait a few days for everything to calm down before you try again." (AJ) "I guess so." (BG) "Come on, let's go find Matt!" (AJ) "Where did he run off to?" (BG) "I'm guessing he's hitting on someone right about now…" (MG) "Hey there… are you as exotic as the coffee beans here?" (Pee-Jee from Something Positive – who is the WRONG person to try to hit on) "Imagine your balls going through a coffee grinder… Very slowly. That's what this experience is like for me." (MG) "Ouuuch."

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