Philled In - Part 5

Part 5

Personally, I'm not one for the double standard of "if a man sleeps around, that's normal for his sex drive, but if a woman sleeps around, she's a shameful slut". Let's leave that crap in the previous century, okay?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (JA) "Go back to the Ren-Fest, you drama queen!" (PW) "Why don't you go back under the bridge you crawled out from!" (CW, getting between them and nearly going POSTAL) "THAT'S! FUCKING! ENOUGH!!! (turns to Philip) Let me make this CLEAR… I do NOT want a steady relationship right now! If I want Allen, Philip or some random cock from a wild night out, THAT'S what the fuck I want and NONE of you are gonna stop me! (turns to Allen) Maybe that still makes me a slut, but if some people can't handle a woman who's in control of her sexuality, that's THEIR PROBLEM! Now just be glad I still wanna fuck the both of you, because all this fighting over me is a major turnoff for me. (walking away from both of them) I'm going out for breakfast soon. Allen, I suggest you hang with Matt and Bethany until they're ready to go. Philip, you can stay, just let Nicki know when you're leaving." [Exeunt Cassandra, to Allen and Philip's amazement] (AJ) "What… just happened here?" (PW, taking off his wig) "I think we've become her bitches."

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