Philled In - Part 3

Part 3

Part of me wanted to name this storyline "Bizarre Love Triangle", but that would've given too much of the plot away.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PW) "Good morning, sunshine!" (CW) "Heyyy… This isn't my bed! You must've really worn me out last night!" (PW) "Well, thanks for letting me sleep over for the energy conference… Saves me a chunk of change!" (CW) "No problem… You want breakfast? We've got everything from eggs to cereal to sausage!" (PW) "Hmmm… Well, I can make a mean omelet, you wanna try… (MG appears) …uh, Hi there!" (MG, somewhat surprised) "You… must be Philip!" (CW, emerging from the bedroom) "Matt! YOU'RE early!" (MG) "Bethany invited us to go out for coffee. We just got here a couple of minutes ago…" (CW) "`WE'? Allen's with you?" (MG) "Yeah… She invited BOTH of us…" (AJ) "Hey Cass! Bet you're surprised to see me… (seeing Philip behind Cassie) Uh…" (PW) "Who's surprised to see who, now?" (MG, to Bethany, who is behind him) "So… Would you like some whipped cream with your awkward feeling?"

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