Sadly, this is kinda based on real life. Our home computer is almost five years old and it still runs XP on it. And it seems like forever from the pressing of the power button to the web browser popping up upon launch. Even if we could afford a new computer, I wouldn't be looking forward to re-installing all those programs I need.

(And it's purely coincidental that I'm doing a computer-related gag for strip #386.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Cassie's computer room; the Windows XP boot-up screen is on her screen – but no Cassie in sight as Bethany enters] (BG) "Cassie? (The monitor now is showing the "welcome" screen as Bethany realizes a time portal is opening behind her) Woops…" (CW) "Oh hey Beth… Is it up and running yet?" (BG) "It just got to the desktop, which means it'll be another three minutes before we can start anything. And how long ago did you time-warp from?" (CW, thinking) "Um… Five minutes?" (BG) "Yyyyeah… It's definitely time to get a new computer."

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