If Historical Figures Did Television Commercials #7

If Historical Figures Did Television Commercials #7

I would've put this out on Georges Seurat's birthday (Dec. 2, it's my birthday too, yeah) if I didn't already have another storyline going.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - "If Historical Figures Did Tele-- oops, RADIO Commercials", #7 (Voice-over) Buddlite presents… Real Men of Genius. "Reeeal Men of Geeeeniuuuus…" Today we salute YOU, Mister post-impressionist dot-by-dot painter. "Mister postimpressionist dot-by-dot paaaaaainter…" Other artists use bold strokes of color in their works… But you would rather dip a brush in paint… And poke at the canvas repeatedly. "Borderline obsessive-compulsive…" Trees, lakes, kids, dogs. All beautifully rendered by thousands of tiny handmade paint circles. "I hooope I don't get Arthritiiis!..." Ordinary paintings take only a day or two… But it may be months, even years, before your masterpiece is ready for the world to admire. "There goes my social life…" So crack open an ice-cold Buddlite, O sultan of spatter… Because your deluge of dots really connect with us. "Mister postimpressionist dot-by-dot paaaaaainter!"

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