Jeffersonian Principles - Part 6

Part 6

I almost had Cassie and Allen break it off before they finished, but I decided, you know, they deserve this moment together. What can I say, tis the season, I'm in a giving mood.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Exterior shot, Cassie's house – with a Christmas decoration out on the front lawn] (CW) "So… Did you enjoy last night's activities?' (AJ) "Yeah, though to be honest… It felt like just a sympathy fuck." (CW) "Allen, sweetie, I know you've got a lot of pride in you, as well as a lot of bitterness… (snuggling up to AJ) …But I care about you. I can't help it, you were my first time! I don't want to see you down and out, or struggling, or bitter, or anything like that!" (AJ) "I'm sorry, Cass… All those years of all the shit I went through in life had gotten me this way. My parents resented me for what I did. After I graduated they kicked me out of the house and didn't do anything to help me on my own. So I couldn't help but become fiercely independent and honest to the point of bluntness." (CW) "Look, I don't care what you say, I feel somewhat responsible for all this… So at least let me help! I've got some real good connections, too! I know an FBI agent who works as a spy and… (sudden realization hits…she runs out of the house, wearing only a pink robe, as Matt walks up) Oh, hey, Matt." (MG) "Yo. Wild night?" (CW) "No comment. (over to the Christmas decoration – a penguin with "Happy Holidays" on its stomach) You're NOT spying on me during sex, RIGHT?" (KS) "Right. Carmen would kill me."

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