Jeffersonian Principles - Part 4

Part 4

A little somethin' for the ladieeeees!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "He's staying HERE???" (AJ) "Nice to see you again TOO, Beth." (BG) "I DON'T like this… You know how many diseases he could be carrying???" (CW) "Beth, CHILL OUT! I'm making him shower before he gets in bed!" (BG) "I'm sorry, but I do NOT want him here!" (CW) "Uh… May I remind you who made this house possible?" (ND) "And as the technical owner of this house, I approve of what Cassie is doing, giving a homeless person a safe place to sleep and clean himself." (BG, not happy) "-Sigh- Fine, Whatever…" (CW) "Thanks for stepping in, Nicki… You think you could 'sleep' in a bed for the time being? I'll make sure you get an extension cord." (ND) "Yes I will, Cassie." (CW, to herself as she does some makeup adjustment) I hope Allen's presence here doesn't stir up any more trouble. I know I'm doing the right thing here… No one's showing up from the future, so we're safe, right? Maybe something interesting will come out of all this…(AJ, naked as a jaybird) "Um, Cass? Your bathroom's all out of towels."

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