Homecoming King - Part 12

Part 12

We bring this storyline to an end now. I've never been to D.C., but if I ever go, the Vietnam War Memorial would indeed be one of my stops.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC] "How's it goin', Patrick?" (PatW) "Just fine! This is my sister Cassie. She wanted to meet the guy in charge of this operation." (JH) "hello, Cassie! Jake Holland. I hope you don't mind shaking a bionic hand!" (CW) "Not at all... You sure went through a lot!" (CW) "Well, war is hell, but you can get through it with the right woman at your side!" (Brandy, who is a lot older now, of course) "Brandy Mills-Holland. Pleased to meet you!" (CW) "So you're with his charity as well?" (BH) "Yes. We both run Gary's Guys, a non-profit that provides therapy and support for homeless and disabled veterans." (JH, showing Cassie an "imprint" of Gary's name from The Wall) "Named after an old combat buddy of mine... One who didn't make it back from 'Nam alive. I was in quite a rut when I got home. But somebody was gracious enough to throw a coming-home party for me. And that inspired me to start this. It really lifted my spirits when I needed it. I wish I could thank whoever did that, but I never could hunt them down. It seemed like they disappeared!" (BMH) "I thank that little guy who convinced me to stay with Jake. Best decision I ever made!" (CW) "Wellll... You know... I'm sure they were very happy to help out a brave soldier like yourself." (JH) "Yeah. All I can do is just pay it forward. Not enough people seem to realize [pan back from the four] we may have been molded into fighting machines [overview of the wall – with a "ghostly" Gary looking over them] but while we're still alive... we're still human."

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