Homecoming King - Part 11

Part 11

Yep, I decided to make Cassie's brother an Aggie. I'm sure my wife would be thrilled.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [A "few weeks later", back home] (CW) "Hi, Patrick! Thanks for getting that stuff from Tyler for me!" (PatW) No problem... Got a few visits in town anyway!" (CW) "Cool... Is Jake one of them?" (PatW, who, by the way, is wearing his Texas A&M Aggie shirt) "um... Jake?" (CW) "Yeah, Jake Holland... One of the local homeless veterans... Weren't you paying him a visit a few weeks ago?" (PatW) "I... never heard of a homeless guy named Jake Holland." (CW) Oh... Okaaay. I... must have gotten him mixed up with someone else." (to herself) Whoa... Well, I guess I can't feel bad. He probably got his life back together after we did that Welcome Home party. Still... I wish I could find out what happened to him! (PatW) "I mean, there's the Jake Holland who's the director of our charity, but that's not who you're talking about, is it?"

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