Homecoming King - Part 5

Part 5

That "Surf Vietnam" mural in Back To The Future Part II proved to be prophetic. ;)

Also: TLT passed the 3-year mark last Friday!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2050; The beautiful beaches of the Mekong Delta] (BG) "Vietnam turned into quite a nice, exotic tourist destination since they got rid of the Communists!" (CW) "Yep. Enjoy it today, because we're gonna go landmine-digging in 1972 tomorrow! I got one of Jake's bandanas, which Nicki will scan for the DNA... And I went and bought the netpaper with the comprehensive guide to the Vietnam War stations and battles..." (BG) "Cool!" (CW, as they head back to their hotel, passing a small statue of Buddha) "all we have to do is take the hyperscooter to where Jake was last stationed, go back to '72 and have Nicki scan the area for his DNA, and then go back to before the explosion and dig those mines up!" [The Buddha speaks] (KS) "That's pretty brave of you, Cassie..." (CW) "AGENT SCOTT! Look, I know you don't want us to do this..." (KS) "Actually, I'm not gonna stop you from trying to save them... but you only get one chance at this. It's too dangerous for us to get too involved... and for you to risk a continuum rupture." (BG) "Shit. We're really in over our heads."

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