Homecoming King - Part 3

Part 3

Patrick was born in 1987, so that would put him in high school when emo peaked.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (JH continues his story) Gary was the lucky one. Landmine killed him instantly. I was close enough for the blast to burn half my body and blow off my right arm. I spent a few weeks in therapy before I was able to return home in the spring of '72. [Gary greeted by protestors] There were no parades or parties for us... Only protests, anger and hatred. I was spat upon and was called a "Baby-Killer", although I never harmed a hair on any kid's head over there. [Jasmine in a bathtub of water and blood] Jasmine was devastated after hearing of Gary's death... So much so that she killed herself a week after his funeral. As for Brandy... She must've thought I was damaged goods now, because she had run off with some pothead hippie by the time I got back to Northampton. [Jake doing some lines] I tried moving to a new city and starting over, but I slid further into depression, turning to cocaine and LSD for escape. I couldn't keep any kind of job... Before long I ended up homeless on the street. [Jake with a sign: "HOMELESS DISABLED VIETNAM VETERAN GOD BLESS YOU" – and wearing a Rangers cap; PatW is looking on] I lost track of how long I spent living in dumpsters and begging for change. But Patrick found me on the corner and he was able to get me into a rehab program. (JH) "You didn't think your brother had a heart that big, did you?" (CW) "Well... I do know he went through his 'emo' phase..." (PatW) "Okay, just shut up right there."

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