Homecoming King - Part 1

Part 1

A new storyline begins with the reappearance of Cassie's brother Patrick. (He showed up before in the middle of "Takin' Her Back To The Old School" as a younger kid.)

I was looking around Google for a good nonprofit organization or charity to use that involved homeless & disabled veterans, and I felt this was the best one to use. Check out hvsd.org to see what this Dallas-area organization is all about.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Well, hey there, Patrick! What brings you here?" (Patrick Wells, looking a lot bigger that when we last saw him, with a POW-MIA t-shirt on) "Just thought I'd stop by my big sister's place before I do some visits for my charity." (CW) "You're doing charity work?" (PatW) "Yep, I volunteered for the local homeless veterans services. We help homeless and disabled veterans, bringing them clothing, medicine and stuff like that. Today I'm going to a housing project to see a guy named Jake Holland. He's a Vietnam vet who's fallen on some hard times. He's got no family and very few friends. So I do whatever I can to try and cheer him up." (CW) "Wow... Mind if I go with you?" (PatW) "Fine with me! He'll probably appreciate a lovely lady like yourself paying him a visit!" (CW) "`Lovely lady'? You're mellowing in your age, old man. Aren't you the same guy who used to call me 'Cass-hole'?" (PatW) "Hey, at least give me credit for acknowledging that my own sister would look attractive to some grizzled old war vet... uh... (sees Mascus on Cassie's couch) Is... that some kind of iguana?" (CW) "ummm... Yes! An exotic iguana that I got as a pet!"

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